6 Years in Business

You might have walked past the salon the other week and found Salon Yazbek had shut its doors! We know you began to sweat about your future appointments, its okay, we did too! But those workmen you saw were actually here for a reason, they were sprucing up the salon. As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun…and we cannot believe it’s been six years since Salon Yazbek opened its doors! So we thought it was time to do some refurbishments. We have had such a positive response with our make over we thought we’d share it!
























Epoxy floors – We are so in love with the new floors! Hey it only took a whole week and nearly didn’t dry in time for reopening – but we are so thrilled with the result! Traditionally this type of flooring is found in a workshop and that’s where Director Nathan Yazbek first saw the floor whilst taking his car for a service. Epoxy floors protects concrete with an application of heavy duty industrial epoxy coating, which is extremely durable from everyday wear and tear and is easy to maintain and keep clean. With the salons new LED lighting the appearance of this surface is reminiscent of an artists impasto palette!










Functional Back Room – Note the word functional, meaning designed to be practical and useful ! After 6 years, lets just say the back room was really the reason why we had to renovate ! But we think the space works wonderfully now, by extending one of the party walls, we were able to open up the space allowing for a proper colour bar, laundry and eating area! First world luxuries we tell yah’















Oneway vision print – We think this image is rather fitting for our new window. Shot in India, our Aveda Lady In Red represents fire, the element of earth. The medium is one way vision, meaning you cant really see in, but you can see out whilst you are getting your hair coloured around our communal table.

We hope you enjoy the renovated space and can’t believe its been 6 years. What a wonderful journey for us! We have been blessed with great clients, some cool milestones and the fantastic support of the lower north shore community. Thank you to everyone who has become part of the Salon Yazbek family, we couldn’t have done it without you!