Aveda Colour Contouring

The Ladies at Salon Yazbek were busy at Aveda Headquaters yesterday learning some new Colour Contouring techniques from Aveda’s latest collection FOKLOR.

Their training focused on the latest colouring trend, Hair Colour Contouring ! Colour contouring is all about illuminating the hair with a face-framing colour technique. It is inspired by the contouring of make-up. Hair contouring is a colour technique that specifically places colour around the face and thanks to a play of light and shadow, can alter the appearance of your face shape by accentuating your best features and enhancing your natural skin tone.

How is it done? Hair contouring is a colouring technique that uses the placement of free hand colour and highlights along with the careful positioning of different tones and depths around the face to highlight and shadow targeted areas. Through the clever placement of colour and the careful selection of complimentary colour tones, this technique can perform an optical illusion and make your face appear more defined and features more accentuated.  Inspired by lunar and solar eclipses, the Aveda Colour Contouring techniques can light up the face with smartly placed shadows and colour.


“This technique really works on alot of clients and is suitable on different types of haircuts and suitable for all face shapes” Says Salon Yazbeks colour expert Gemma.