Senior Stylist & Colourist 


Star sign? Libra 

Why hairdressing? 

I enjoy the creative aspect, the social side, making people beautiful and helping them feel better. There is nothing more satisfying than when a person leaves Yazbek with a big smile.

What makes you laugh?

Many things. Often memories of good times with friends and family make me laugh many years afterwards. 

Biggest indulgence?

Cheese! At least once a day.  Hey im French !

Fave holiday destination?

New Zealand and Bali

 If I wasn’t a hairdresser, I’d be…

Dentist or photographer

Style crush?

Audrey Tautou

What I love most about Salon Yazbek

is the team, the decoration, the essential odours, the music, aveda products and the environmentally friendly ethic. 

My pet peeve is…

a noisy eater