Colour Director & Senior Stylist

Star sign?

Virgo - virgos are known for always paying attention to the smallest details which plays a crucial part in my job as colour director.

Why hairdressing?

Well honestly, it was my second choice (or third?). I wanted to go to art school and either be an artist of some sort or a clothes designer as I always made my own clothes in high school. But I started as an assistant in a salon at 15 and found a passion for hairdressing that I decided to follow, and now here I am 13years later! 

Your ultimate creative influence?

hmmm that's hard... I find lots of influence from day to day items and nature. I'm in love with the sky at sunrise and sunset. I suppose that's one of my biggest inspirations with all the colours, but professionally I love to follow Ian Michael Black and his journey of colour. He is the global artistic director of Aveda and he's AWESOME.

Secret obsession?

The hot boys in F45 gym !   

Style crush?

Paris Jackson... she's just recently come on my style radar... she is almost like a modern day madonna from the 80's!  I LOVE Madge in the 80's.

What I love most about Salon Yazbek is…

We have the most beautiful team I've ever worked with. As an Aveda salon we really strive to create a wholesome family that genuinely care for each other- we enjoy telling each other how great we all are, in our own individual ways. We encourage and congratulate each other, we have fun, laugh and joke at any given opportunity, we help each other through tough busy periods and to me, that is the ultimate team. I couldn't hand pick more beautiful people to work with!