Stylist and Colour Technician

Star sign?

Sagittarius. Although I am somewhat sceptical of zodiac signs, some of the characteristics suggest sagittarians are creative, intuitive, optimistic, inquisitive, and have the need to grow and learn. I feel these traits resonate with me.

Why hairdressing?

I love making people feel good about themselves. Hair is such a strong asset,  and if not maintained can become a liability. I thrive on the happiness people get when they are satisfied with the service. I love the dramatic transformation hair can have on someone’s image and self confidence. Finally, I love the attention to detail and technicality behind both colour and cutting.

What makes you laugh?

Puns, people not taking themselves too seriously and animal videos.

Your ultimate creative influence?

I suppose I don’t have one definitive creative influence. I view hairdressing as art and like most artists, I draw on many images, people and ideas to evoke an energy. I like to follow stylists who can bring energy and give life to hair. To name a few: Vidal Sassoon, Tracey Cunningham,  Ricardo Dinis, Michael Black and Antionette Beenders. 

Biggest indulgence?

Mediterranean cuisine. Anything you would find on an antipasta platter – cheese, cured meets, olives, pickles YUM!

Fave holiday destination?

Although I haven’t travelled much yet, I do love the snow. I would love to go to Japan one day to ski!

Secret obsession?

Opera and classical music. 

Style crush?

Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface, Audrey Hepburn, Iris Apfel, Georgia Fowler and Barbara Monaghan. 

What I love most about Salon Yazbek is?

The warm energy of the salon. Everyone is welcoming and down to earth. I love to learn and this salon invites training and growth. Plus, we have a rocking team! Everyone is so lovely and genuine – I feel so blessed being a part of such a great team!

My pet peeve is?

Bad grammar…