MEET Naoki

Senior Stylist & Technical Colourist 


Star sign? Aquarius 

Why hairdressing? I was going to university in order to become a painter, but my parents told me I would be better off learning a trade. Apparently my parents knew I didn’t like studying! So I began hairdressing and haven’t looked back since.

Ultimate creative influence ? I am influenced by things I see around me, I like getting influence from visiting Art Galleries, Photography books and travelling. This way I can incorporate different forms and textures I discover into hair styles I create. I love the beach culture in Sydney, its natural and chilled out, its great seeing this translate into more relaxed hairstyles too.

Biggest indulgence? I love surfing, doing yoga and eating tasty Japanese food!

Fave holiday destination? Bali or Hawaii!

 If I wasn’t a hairdresser, I’d be… A Pilot

Style crush? Jack Johnson - I like his style. He was badly injured in an accident but fought on to become a successful singer. Life is like that, its one big journey.

What I love most about Salon Yazbek ? I get to do my favourite thing in Salon Yazbek, which is hairdressing!