Senior Stylist & Colourist

Star sign?

I'm a Virgo - which means I have attention to detail and I am also a little bit of a perfectionist

Why hairdressing?

I love the creativity. The best part is watching my guests reaction once their dream hair is achieved ! Its the best feeling.

Your ultimate creative influence?

I get alot of my influence and inspiration from social media. I love watching tutorials and following hair and beauty influencers. I think seeing what people around the globe are doing in terms latest trends and fashion is really inspiring. 

Biggest indulgence?

Being outdoors ! Since relocating to Australia I've realised being out doors and around nature is a true love of mine. Luckily for me there is so much of it here, Australian beaches, the bush, waterfalls are my fave! 

Fave holiday destination?

Mexico ! Was incredible ! The culture, its people, the history, was all amazing!

If I wasn’t a hairdresser,

I would be an interior designer. I love getting my creative juices on. After renovating two houses back home England, I now consider it not only a hobby, but a new skill ! 

Secret obsession?

Country music ! My dad was a musician so I grew up listening to lots of good records, but for some reason it was country music that resonated with me the most - Elvis, Johny Cash, Dolly, yeehaw!

Style crush?

Right now, I'd have to say I am trending Meghan Markle - so natural but simultaneously effortlessly stylish