MEET Thomas

Stylist & Senior Colourist 


Star sign? Gemini 

Why hairdressing? 

Hairdressing is a craft I have always been passionate about! I love doing my hair and everyone else's hair too! Ever since I was a little boy, I have always enjoyed playing with peoples hair! So it just seemed like a natural transition really.

Ultimate creative influence ? LIFE! Every day you experience something new in life, see something new and imaging something new about life. Life has endless opportunities to show you something new and creative.

Biggest indulgence?

Nature. Just going to sit by the ocean, its peaceful and beautiful, I'm English so I love Australian beaches.

Fave holiday destination?

I love Amsterdam, it's so cool, relaxed and beautiful. The canals, shopping, cafe culture, I love it all.

 If I wasn’t a hairdresser, I’d be…

I would be a DJ ! 

Style crush?

Russel Brand - what a dude! He has such an amazing story, he is so confident, his style is always on point.

What I love most about Salon Yazbek

Is the team, the decoration, the essential oils and the music.