Winter Hair forecast 2014

Cutting and styling is very relaxed. Its all about that 'un-done' look at the moment , therefore you need to have your hair colour looking right!

“We are still working with a lot of Balayage techniques for hair colour, but this winter Balayage isn’t as obvious. Colour and tones melt through seamlessly” says Kristin Harvey, Salon Yazbek's Colour Director.

"On trend for Blondes this winter is sending the roots slightly darker. This can really enhance your features with everyone’s skin being a little fairer in the cooler months. Going darker at the roots and warmer throughout the midlengths and ends is such a great melting technique and doesn’t create that obvious balayaged look. You want to aim for a warm, natural looking blonde for winter."

"For Brunettes it’s all about adding depth. Think rich, glossy, dark chocolately hair! I am personally loving a shiny brunette with flickers of highlights underneath to create a multilayered colour. Think Lily Collins hair colour, I believe this is on trend for a successful winter colour...My secret ? BE SURE you are wearing the right shades of lip, cheek and eye colour"

Kristin Harvey. Colour Director. Salon Yazbek.