Environmentally Sustainable Products by Aveda

At Aveda, it’s our mission to promote environmental sustainability with every new business partnership. We believe that nature should be protected any way possible, just as the farmers of Tomé-Açu believe. After decades of deforestation and cattle farming, the people of Tomé-Açu, Brazil decided to make a change for their land as well as their people. They adopted agro-forestry and made organic practices the forefront of their business, which ultimately led to their most profitable crop- the Cupuaçu tree. Not only does the tree provide pulp for food their seeds also create a rich moisturizing and conditioning butter.

With help from the Global Green Grants Fund, the people of Tomé-Açu were provided with a seed drier, allowing them to make the butter themselves rather than selling the seeds. It is this butter that provides Aveda with the ingredients for our Smooth Infusion Smoothing Masque.