Smoother, Softer Hair.

Our NEW Aveda Smooth Infusion Smoothing Masque reduces frizzy volume after one use, with certified organic Cupuaçu and shea butters that help deeply condition and smooth each strand - keeping your hair smooth even in intense humidity. Reduce frizzy volume after one use, with a rinse out treatment that you can use after every shampoo whenever you want smoother, softer hair. Cupuaçu: For Hair as smooth as butter!  The certified organic Cupuaçu (Koo-poo-AH-soo) butter in our Smoothing Masque is pressed from fruit seeds in Brazil. A group of farmers in Tomé-Açu who were struggling to survive now grow Cupuaçu and can invest in educating their children. Aveda helped by funding a seed dryer so they can produce their own butter and earn four times more then they did before. Their sustainable method of organic farming replenishes the soil, which is better for the Earth, the farmers and all of us.