Come into bloom this Spring with a spanking new do!




Haircut 2017.jpg

I’ve had two haircuts this week. The first I did myself. The second was done by a Salon professional and it’s made me realise that changing your look is the most amazing experience.


It was hot on Monday and I was in the salon, so I decided to take the clippers to my head and shave it off.


Shaved labradoodle.jpg

My hair and I have been on a two-year long journey. I went through that awkward “growing out phase” to embracing my luscious locks. Last summer I felt like such a dude coming out of the ocean and shaking out my long, wet hair, I could have been an extra on Bondi Rescue! Then winter came and I was rocking the Jon Snow vibes, hair down under the beanie and all’


But now it’s Spring and something inside of me had changed, the weather warmed up and I no longer felt attached to my curls.


I wanted a change. I no longer wanted to feel the wind through my hair but on my scalp. I wanted to shower and not worry about wetting my hair. I was over losing my hair ties and sick of combing the knots out.


So, it was time.


I shaved it off. 


Not a Britney Spears moment, more an active decision to refresh.


I didn’t think much of my own haircut until I noticed everyone’s reaction to my new look.


The guys at the café noticed, gasped, then beamed out positive affirmations. I went home and my family loved the change, told me that I looked great and should have done it earlier. The guys at the gym noticed, told me the change made me look like a real dude and that I should come to boxing classes. My clients are shocked but are full of positive compliments. My team say I’ve been funnier this week and seem more youthful!


With all the compliments I have been receiving this week, it’s made me realise that changing ones’ appearance simply through a new haircut has given me a massive boost to my self-esteem.


Now the yogi in me says it’s just inflating my ego, but seriously, I forgot how good a change of haircut can make someone feel.


Changing your appearance is more than the superficial, it has a palpable change on your confidence and sense of self. There is a reason why the make-over montage remains a tried and tested cinematic trope. A hair change is entertaining, it symbolises a significant step in ones journey to being happy in their own skin.


The onscreen satisfaction is easily achieved in real life too!


As a hairdresser, we are in the feel-good industry and I see how much enjoyment a new hairstyle can bring to our clients. But I have never been on the receiving end of this change, and it feels great! I don’t want this feeling to go away! I am charged with positivity with every new compliment I receive!


For Spring I want to share this incredible sensation with all of my clients. Having now experienced the waves of positive reinforcement a new style has made to my life, I am going to make a conscious effort to suggest it to all my guests.


The weather is warmer, clothes are getting more colourful - now is the time to experiment with your look and enjoy the freedom it brings!


That change might mean taking a little more length off, or creating a new fringe, or adding a few lighter highlights. Hair is such a great accessory, it has the capacity to change how you feel and how others perceive you.


I understand for most of my guests shaving your head seems a little drastic, but I can speak with experience and authority when I say that hair may be dead but a fresh cut can make you feel alive!