Gia’s Transformation

The summer blonde bombshell look with tousled sunkissed waves still has plenty of va va voom under its belt…so how can we transform this summer trend into something more suited to the cooler weather?

The team at Salon Yazbek suggest looking further afield to different colour tones for starters. During summer your hair can take quite a bit of a bashing from the summer elements. Being in the sun, surf or the pool can expose those already lightened highlights, so come winter, the hair is certainly in need of some TLC. This is when we move away from the ends being so obviously highlighted and instead towards melting some nice winter hues through the hair.



Elodie says that whilst balayage and ecaille is still enormously popular with women around the globe, the look has evolved from an obvious ‘light to dark’ colour technique to a more softer, melted balayage. “I am still loving the ‘ecaille’, which means ‘tortoiseshell’ in French. It is more subtle and sophisticated than balayage but still kind of ombre with deeper, multi-dimensional tones. I love this look – the colours just rouge and ribbon through the hair and the result is very natural because there is less contrast between the colours.”

“Immediately when I saw Gia, I just knew she needed a fringe”  Says Salon Yazbek head honcho Nathan Yazbek. ” A fringe is a great a choice for someone who is wanting an immediate change. Cutting Gia a fringe framed her face and complimented her checkbones and just made her eyes pop ! I also suggested cutting some length off as her hair was not in the best condition after summer and shoulder length hair is certainly still an on trend length.”

And here’s Gia’s freshened up colour and cut – beautiful and perfect for winter! “I love how the colour is so much more natural,” says Elodie. “Whilst it’s not a dramatic change, the balayage is fresher and more melted through rather than blonde and brassy, which is absolutely on trend for winter, as are the richer, deeper tones.” “The cut is also a perfect length for winter as we are wearing more scarfs and jackets, so it’s a great accessory to compliment your winter outfit. It can be styled smooth throughout the day for a professional look, to an evening sultry look simply by adding some soft waves.” says Nathan.


Eileen Healy